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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Feb 22 21:41:49 CET 2011

hi all..

between work away from plasma on behalf of KDE (c.f. nokia and qt) and the 
impending trans-atlantic move, i've been far quieter than usual. i've noted 
this a few times, but want to keep everyone in the know so that you don't 
start wondering if i've found a new software love somewhere in the noosphere 
or some such ;)

the house here in Vancouver is nearly empty and i fly to my new abode in 6 
short days. i expect to remain fairly low-profile in my first week there as 

but i am positively _itching_ to get back to spending my waking hours 
obsessively hacking on plasma in a more singular fashion again and helping 
extend its reach into the larger ecosystem as well. so my motivation is still 
there and i have a nice little line up of projects just waiting for me to have 
a place i call "home" again .. you know, one with a place to hang my clothes 
and a table to eat off of. ;)

thanks to everyone (particularly Marco) who has kept things rolling in these 
tricky (for me) times. i may get even a bit more quiet between now and the 7th 
of March, so this is your heads up on that.

however i will, as a notorious general once said, return. 2 weeks seems very 
short now, in fact :) *hugs to all*

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
GPG Fingerprint: 8B8B 2209 0C6F 7C47 B1EA  EE75 D6B7 2EB1 A7F1 DB43

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