GSoC on Porting Plasmoids to QML

Marco Martin notmart at
Tue Feb 22 20:18:36 CET 2011

On Tuesday 22 February 2011, Tomaz Canabrava wrote:
> Not gonna happen here, Already started talking about the project in the ML.
> Also already started learning QML, and seeing what can be done for the
> plasmoids.

i just would like to avoid  having a thousand of proposals on the same thing, 
this one has 3 at the moment ;) (but as i said the others buh, seems to be 
kinda vanished;)

> Where can I grab plasma-2 sources to try it out here?

plasma-2 exists only in our little dirty minds at the moment ;)
btw, the qml only plasmoids are there (and should be *almost * plasma2 proof 
there are already some in svn playground/base/plasma/declarativeplasoids

right now they can be done either with the old plasma widgets binded in qml or 
waiting for the plasma components.
there is another guy that promised that will start them soon (in theory as 
part of gsoc, hopefully getting started before) Daker, if you are reading, 
that's for you :p

you two probably should get together to see what depends on what since the 
work of portng plasmoids to aml would be pretty much dependent on the 
components work.

Marco Martin

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