HTTP links in plasmoid applet

Rémi Benoit r3m1.benoit at
Tue Feb 22 17:58:49 CET 2011

We're a group of students currently programming a plasmoid applet for KDE
and want to include an HTTP link in the text of our widget.

I use a Plasma::Label to show the text and I connected the signal
"linkActivated" of the Label to a KRun::runUrl() call.

My problem is that the signal is never triggered, moreover if I replace the
signal "linkActivated" by the signal "linkHovered" the link works just fine
and is opened in my default web browser.

Do you have any clue on what's the source of the problem?

//what i need but not working
connect(m_contentWidget, SIGNAL(linkActivated(const QString&)), this,
SLOT(runLinkUrl(const QString&)));

//this is working
connect(m_contentWidget, SIGNAL(linkHovered(const QString&)), this,
SLOT(runLinkUrl(const QString&)));

Best regards,
The IUP ISI team.
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