[GSOC] Home automation

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 12:53:59 CET 2011

On Monday 21 February 2011, Marsollier Robin wrote:
> Le samedi 19 février 2011 19:51:06, Marco Martin a écrit :
> > ok, so all the actual backend stuff is almost there from what i gather?
> > what you would do is basically a set of ui bits that display
> > informations/control devices exposed by such server.
> Yes, exactly, a set of plasmoid to supervision and control tools for home,
> with notification if needed, a way to ajust advanced parameters (a window
> with plasma kpart for more flexibility?), perhaps with an abstraction
> layer for help future implementation of other automation server.
> I had not thought about it but integration with PMC will be necessary, I

the point is that those control plasmoid can be put everywhere, as desktop 
widgets, in a kpart of an application, as "mobile apps", as fullscreen control 
thinghies in the mediacenter.
what whould eventually change of that plasmoid in being shown on a desktop or 
on a mediacenter (or on a tablet, or on a toaster) is the user interface, and 
that's one of the big points of the qml plasmoids, being able to load 
different ui qml files depending on the shell they are running on.

as the abstraction layer, i think different plugins for the same 
dataengine/services could be the way to go.

Marco Martin

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