Systemcolors in SVGs

Marco Martin notmart at
Sun Feb 20 12:03:15 CET 2011

On Sunday 20 February 2011, Manuel Mommertz wrote:
> Hello,
> since 4.6 plasma allows prepered svgs to use system colors. For this to
> work the svg needs to have a css-style with the id 'current-color-scheme'
> which gets replaced by a style containing classes with the actual system
> colors on load.
> For someone with knowlage of xml/svg code it should be trivial to apply
> this after the graphic itself was finished. But I think most people
> creating graphics don't want to dive in the source code. For this purpose
> I am working on a little tool to help them.

a thing that would be realy needed for this, is documentation /howto on a wiki 
page, as a subcategory, or sub page of

> Take a look at
> To get a colorscheme aware svg there are four steps needed:
> * Define which system colors you want to use.
> * Create the svg like you are used to but use one defined color at places
> where on system color should take effect.
> * Add the corresponding classes to your svg with svgmod -a
> * Transform elements using a defined color to the corresponding system
> color with svgmod -c

very useful tool indeed!
the existence of this too lshould be docuented as well, and i think it should 
be distributed by KDE somewhere, what about together
a) kde-sdk, or
b) plasmate?

Marco Martin

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