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Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Mon Feb 14 12:44:33 CET 2011

On Sunday, February 13, 2011 20:43:48 Rick Stockton wrote:
> I have an additional thought about two of the items:
>  Lock/Logout:
>  1. Add more options: Screen saver, shut down, reboot, turn off screen.
> Yes, and IMO, it would be of even greater value to let each KDE user
> configure a pre-selected "default" action. This would eliminate the
> current need for a mouse drag to choose a button-- a button which our
> users probably use with 90% consistency.
>  In my usage, where the entire system functions as a desktop computer for
> me, I would select "shutdown" as my default. Yes, I have "test" users, and
> sometimes switch DE's, and sometimes update a library which calls for a
> restart-- but I'm almost always doing this choice.

Shutdown *is* the default.

(If you choose another option from the Leave menu in Kickoff for example, 
it'll use this as default.)
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