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Rick Stockton rickstockton at
Sun Feb 13 20:43:48 CET 2011

I have an additional thought about two of the items:

    1. Add more options: Screen saver, shut down, reboot, turn off screen.

Yes, and IMO, it would be of even greater value to let each KDE user 
configure a pre-selected "default" action. This would eliminate the 
current need for a mouse drag to choose a button-- a button which our 
users probably use with 90% consistency.

In my usage, where the entire system functions as a desktop computer for 
me, I would select "shutdown" as my default.
Yes, I have "test" users, and sometimes switch DE's, and sometimes 
update a library which calls for a restart-- but I'm almost always doing 
this choice.

    1. Mouse actions for the cashew.  Currently we have mouse actions for
    doing mouse events on the desktop.  We should have the same thing for
    the cashew (except for left mouse click, of course).  For instance a
    user could have scroll wheel on the desktop to change virtual
    desktops, and scroll wheel on the cashew to change activities.

Shawn said, "This doesn't seem useful/sensible, but maybe that's just me."
And I agree; it seems to merely add a strange, confusing "gotcha!" 
complication while resting on the cashew.
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