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On Sunday, February 13, 2011, todd rme wrote:
> Okay, I will do so.  Not all of these ideas are mine, I am just
> passing along the ones I think are worthwhile:

thanks for the list. please add the ones with consensus to the web page.

> Image Wallpaper:
> 1. When you hover over a wallpaper in the list for a certain amount of
> time, show that wallpaper on the desktop.  This lets you get a
> full-size preview of the wallpaper and lets you see how it works with
> your current theme.

-1; we covered why already in the past on this list.

> 2. Have a "custom" wallpaper position option.  This would let you set
> the position and scaling in both horizontal and vertical dimensions,
> either to presets like align top or bottom, or to custom values in
> pixels.  This is useful for people who want to have one wallpaper span
> multiple desktops, they can set the same image but show different
> parts of that image.

-1; there are better ways of acheiving that, e.g. actually dividing up the 
image in a proper, competent image editor.

> Slideshow wallpaper:
> 1. Link slideshows.  All the slideshow wallpapers that have this
> option enabled would use the same timing and random number generator,
> so they would all show the same wallpaper at the same time.  Useful
> for multi-monitor setups

+1; would also be nice for multi-screen single image wallpapers too. i think 
this should be a multi-monitor-only option in the image wallpaper.

> Character Map:
> 1. Lets uses set characters that they use often.  On the desktop,
> these would probably appear as a list at the top or bottom of the
> plasmoid.  In the panel, they would appear as a list next to the icon.


> Device Notifier:
> 1. Double click on a device to open it in the default application.
> Alternatively, have an icon on the right with the default application
> and click on that.

-1; single click means two clicks, so there is no savings here. it will only 
make the code even more complex for no real win.

> Lock/Logout:
> 1. Add more options: Screen saver, shut down, reboot, turn off screen.

screen saver == lock; shutdown and reboot == leave; turn off screen is better 
left to hardware keys.

> 2. Put icons of the options next to the options on the config dialog.

> Pager:
> 1. Show a thumbnail of the desktop on hover

+1; should be done via a kwin effect just like we do the window thumbnails.

> Task Manager:
> 1. Drag tasks to desktop to move them to current virtual desktop/activity

+1; this already works with the pager. it should be implemented in the 
"desktop" containment.

> 2. Drag tasks to activity manager or activity bar to add them to that
> activity.


> Search & Launch Containment:
> 1. Add breadcrumbs next to the "back" button.

+1 (same for kickoff, btw :)

> Kalgebra and Qalculate widgets:
> 1. Merge the widgets, user can set the back-end.
> 2. History button that shows the last 10 or so calculations and results.


> Calculator:
> 1. Scientific mode

no; start a different plasmoid that can become the uber graphing science 
monster calculator :)

> 2. History button that shows the last 10 or so calculations and results.


> Quicklaunch:
> 1. The popup button should scale with widget size and position itself
> properly with widget layout when on the desktop


> 2. Enable and disable labels independently for the main portion and
> the popup.  Currently the popup always has labels.

what would the point of this be?

> Folder view:
> 1. On hover on the title, show a "refresh" button.

when is refresh needed?

> Kate sessions:
> 1. Right-clicking on a session should give you options to remove or
> hide that session
> Konqueror profiles:
> 1. Right-clicking on a profile should give you options to remove or
> hide that session

+1 to both

> Preview:
> 1. Integrate the "preview" widget with the dolphin part, so when
> clicking the "preview" action in dolphin it popups up the preview
> widget above dolphin with a preview of that file

not sure about this one; would highly depend on the UI implementation imho.

> World clock
> 1. Let the user temporarily set a custom time for the local time zone,
> and the use the mouse to check what that time is in other time zones.

we already do that in the clock plasmoids; world clock is a marble thing, 
though. making it consistent with the other clock plasmoids would be good.

> Panel:
> 1. In autohide mode, the panel has a nice animation when the panel is
> shown.  In "windows can cover" mode, putting your cursor at the screen
> edge also shows the panel, but there is no animation.  Probably the
> "fade" effect would be best.

+1; this is a kwin thing.

> 2. Not everyone like showing the panel at the screen edge in "windows
> can cover" mode.  Make a "windows always cover" mode that doesn't do
> this.

-1; the # of people that this would make happy versus the # of people who 
wouldn't use it versus the annoyance of having to explain that in the config 
UI + having yet another entry there == not interesting :)

> 3. The panel should unhide when you drag a widget to it.

it does for new widgets; if you mean drag'n'drop (DnD) between containments, 
well, that whole system needs a rewrite. what needs to happen is once the 
widget hits the "edge" (+ some margin?) of the containment it should be turned 
into a QDrag and "normal" DnD can begin. at which point, the panels will all 
Just Work(tm). bonus: it will also fix the "between multiple screens", "from 
panel to desktop" and perhaps even "between multiple activities" problem of 
DnD not supported well.

> Widget Explorer:
> 1. The search field on the widget explorer should have focus when you open
> it.


> Cashew:
> 1. Mouse actions for the cashew.  Currently we have mouse actions for
> doing mouse events on the desktop.  We should have the same thing for
> the cashew (except for left mouse click, of course).  For instance a
> user could have scroll wheel on the desktop to change virtual
> desktops, and scroll wheel on the cashew to change activities.

mmm.. sounds complicated, in terms of configuration. it's possible, but my 
questions would be: 

* why just on the toolbox, rather than the whole containment?
* what would the configuration UI look like?

> Activites:
> 1. Remember your current virtual desktop on a per-activity basis

+1; this belongs in kwin, btw, and represents an extension of the metadata 
associated with an activity. that is not a bad thing. quite the opposite, in 
fact: we want more applications providing application specific metadata to 
make activities more immersive.

mgraesslin needs to +1 this one, though, as kwin maintainer :)

> All widgets:
> 1. Fix scroll bar middle click.  In KDE, middle clicking on a scroll
> bar jumps to that location.  However, this does not work consistently
> with plasma widgets.


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