Featurlets for 4.7

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 20:12:48 CET 2011

On Sunday 13 February 2011, todd rme wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 4:24 AM, Anne-Marie Mahfouf
> >> 
> >> Who actually makes the decision about what features would be good or
> >> not?  I know of a lot of features that could potentially go on the
> >> list, but I don't know whether they would be accepted if implemented.
> > 
> > The best thing is to list them here :-)
> > 
> > Anne-Marie
> Okay, I will do so.  Not all of these ideas are mine, I am just
> passing along the ones I think are worthwhile:

I have just some comments on some of them, most seems quite nice.

> Image Wallpaper:
> 1. When you hover over a wallpaper in the list for a certain amount of
> time, show that wallpaper on the desktop.  This lets you get a
> full-size preview of the wallpaper and lets you see how it works with
> your current theme.

Could be an idea, put it there

> 2. Have a "custom" wallpaper position option.  This would let you set
> the position and scaling in both horizontal and vertical dimensions,
> either to presets like align top or bottom, or to custom values in
> pixels.  This is useful for people who want to have one wallpaper span
> multiple desktops, they can set the same image but show different
> parts of that image.

I don't think that's the right place to do something like that

> Slideshow wallpaper:
> 1. Link slideshows.  All the slideshow wallpapers that have this
> option enabled would use the same timing and random number generator,
> so they would all show the same wallpaper at the same time.  Useful
> for multi-monitor setups

that's a good idea but doesn't need gui at all.
such settings could be automatically done for containments belonging to the 
same activity.

> Pager:
> 1. Show a thumbnail of the desktop on hover

less clutter in the pager, the better it is

> Task Manager:
> 1. Drag tasks to desktop to move them to current virtual desktop/activity
> 2. Drag tasks to activity manager or activity bar to add them to that
> activity.

for desktops kinda works, for activities, yes, good idea it's a due and 
important thing
> Search & Launch Containment:
> 1. Add breadcrumbs next to the "back" button.

search and launch is purposedfully a single level deep, it's the main point of 
its design, and i really don't want to change that

By the way, of course the idea is to have -many- of those ideas.

However, those ideas will realize with someone actually volunteering realizing 
so what about this:
you write those ideas on the wiki page (as i write here there are some that i 
think have some issue, all the others, quite nice)
then you take one, the one that seems simpler to you, and try to do it?
it's a very easy way to start, then after one doing the next is easier, then 
easier, then easier... :D

Marco Martin

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