Featurlets for 4.7

Shaun Reich predator106 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 19:45:31 CET 2011

> Image Wallpaper:
> 1. When you hover over a wallpaper in the list for a certain amount of
> time, show that wallpaper on the desktop.  This lets you get a
> full-size preview of the wallpaper and lets you see how it works with
> your current theme.

I like that idea - pretty slick. I thought there was another KDE app/section
that does something like this already....can't remember which.

> 2. Have a "custom" wallpaper position option.  This would let you set
> the position and scaling in both horizontal and vertical dimensions,
> either to presets like align top or bottom, or to custom values in
> pixels.  This is useful for people who want to have one wallpaper span
> multiple desktops, they can set the same image but show different
> parts of that image.

Too much useless configuration which will only be used by .1% of people imo.
Moreover: it just seems like a workaround for a problem.

> 1. Add more options: Screen saver, shut down, reboot, turn off screen.


> Folder view:
> 1. On hover on the title, show a "refresh" button.

Doesn't make any sense. Ideally, the refresh action should not be needed at
all (we aren't windows™)...and in fact, in most cases it isn't. It's bad
enough it has to be in the RMB menu.

> Widget Explorer:
> 1. The search field on the widget explorer should have focus when you open
> it.

Definitely. IIRC, kmenu/lancelot has(?) the same issue.

> 1. Mouse actions for the cashew.  Currently we have mouse actions for
> doing mouse events on the desktop.  We should have the same thing for
> the cashew (except for left mouse click, of course).  For instance a
> user could have scroll wheel on the desktop to change virtual
> desktops, and scroll wheel on the cashew to change activities.

This doesn't seem useful/sensible, but maybe that's just me.

Shaun Reich,
KDE Developer (www.kde.org)
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