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Daker Fernandes dakerfp at
Thu Feb 10 14:26:10 CET 2011


I started using the KDE environment last year and it would be nice to
contribute with some of the Plasma projects for GSoC (specially with
QtComponents QML set).
I've been working with Qt/QtQuick in some apps for the last 7 months, and
directly into QtComponents since October.
I have fluency on C/C++, Javascript, Python, Java, Prolog (which i keep a
blog about and a bit of shell script, CUDA
and Ruby.
I also have been contributing with some side projects such as qml-box2d
plugin and a Python-Swi Prolog binding (which still is in a embrionary
There are also others applications using PySide an Qt/QtQuick on my github
and gitorious (some already usable and others experimental):

I'm waiting for your opinion/suggestions.

Daker Fernandes Pinheiro
Undergraduate Student at Federal University of Pernambuco

2011/2/10 Marco Martin <notmart at>

> On Thursday 10 February 2011, Viranch Mehta wrote:
> > > this (with our help of course).
> >
> > You mean I would also have to change relevant stuff in plasma that I need
> > for QMLifying the plasmoids?
> >
> yes, this could become necessary.
> also, many things in the qml bindings will have to be added, like drag and
> drop and the full set of components needed (this *could* be done in another
> gsoc if we're lucky ;)
> Cheers,
> Marco Martin
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