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Luiz Romário Santana Rios luizromario at
Thu Feb 10 04:05:01 CET 2011


I've been thinking about some ideas to create a new kind of plasma shell for
some time right now and I want to get this out of my sole head, whether it
is feasible, desirable, good or none of these. Mockups[1] will explain

But, basically, I'm based on the idea that the desktop is invisible for most
of the time and that a panel is only needed when there's a window which
could cover all of the widgets on the desktop. Then, I want to create a more
dynamic plasma shell, in which the plasmoids will adapt themselves to the
windows arragement and that also does not need a panel. Also, windows
wouldn't be much different from plasmoids. Instead, they would arrange
themselves as plasmoids, if desirable.

Note that this isn't meant to replace plasma-desktop, it's just meant to be
a nice concept desktop that may, someday, give birth to some good ideas for
the other plasma shells.


[1], will add some
more mockups later.

Luiz Romário Santana Rios
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