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Viranch Mehta viranch.mehta at
Wed Feb 9 19:50:39 CET 2011


I recently joined the plasma mailing list. I'm relatively new to
contributing KDE (well, FOSS actually). I'm interested in taking up the GSoC
project "QMLify the Plasma Widgets".

I'm an undergraduate student from India. I have been a KDE fan since the KDE
4.4 (mostly because of the plasma workspace) and have been playing around
with it since. I got in touch with Qt a few months back and developed a
number of (little) standalone apps (using PyQt). I've been going through QML
since a month now, and hoping to get over with most of it after the I got the trunk up and running to get myself acquainted with
development process with KDE, and submitted a few patches to KDE games and
KIPI plugins.

QMLifying the plasma widgets is really a great idea that I would love to
implement. I plan to get my proposal ready by this time next week. But
first, I would love to hear from the plasma team about their views on the
idea. I really look forward to get involved with KDE (particularly, plasma)
through this GSoC project.

Happy hacking,
PS: Apologies for such a long email :)
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