Plasma mediacenter - is it still alive?

Christopher Blauvelt cblauvelt at
Sun Feb 6 20:21:01 CET 2011

> best channel is the mailing lst here,
> #plasma and #plasma-mediacenter irc chnnels on freenode
> and there are a couple of people interested of getting it bck in
> development,
> i hope they will speak up in this thread, but anyways I'll get them in
> contact
> with you :)
I was looking at doing this as a GSoC.  I've actually spent my weekend
getting a development environment ready to get started.  My goals for 0.1
release of the project are:
 - Develop a video widget that has composited controls and can handle full
1080p video well with a reasonably powered system.  What reasonably powered
is will have to be determined.
 - Develop a picture viewer that can show pictures while designing for
future effects.
 - Develop a music player that plays music.  Nothing fancy . . . yet.
 - Develop a media browser to start playing video/music or start showing
 - Develop a UI that is based on QML and QtComponent whenever practical.

Notice how I'm starting with the building blocks and working my way to
other, more complicated things.  I think one of the big problems we had last
year (with no shots being taken at anyone) was there was a lot of excitement
but not enough direction and we need to start with the foundation before we
can start on the ornamental roof.

My TZ is GMT-5 so if you want to get together on IRC #plasma-mediacenter
sometime this week let me know.  I might be available today but . . . it's
the super bowl[1] so no promises.


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