Plasma mediacenter - is it still alive?

Marco Martin notmart at
Sun Feb 6 17:55:44 CET 2011

On Sunday 06 February 2011, Morten A. B. Sjøgren wrote:
> Hey,
> Sometime ago I read about a plasma mediacenter project, but I haven't heard
> anything about it for a long time.
> I'm interested in such a project and have thought about getting involved in
> a open source project for a long time.

this would be awesome :)
you can try starting to get stuff built, then any question you have just drop 
us a line

> So I wanted to hear if there is still life in this project. Where I can
> find some more information about it? And who I might talk to about the
> project?

best channel is the mailing lst here,
#plasma and #plasma-mediacenter irc chnnels on freenode
and there are a couple of people interested of getting it bck in development, 
i hope they will speak up in this thread, but anyways I'll get them in contact 
with you :)

> I've found the techbase-page
> and a gitorious
> project that hasn't been updated
> for quite sometime.
i think the gitorious one was a gsoc project later imported in svn
main repository is still in svn playground.
I will see if i can get it converted to git shortly

Marco Martin

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