Dataengine for browser bookmarks

Jan Gerrit Marker jangmarker at
Sat Feb 5 19:05:22 CET 2011

> For starters, you can just create classes like KonquerorBookmarks,
> Firefox3Bookmarks etc. with some common abstract interface like
>    getFolders(const QString path)
>    getBookmarks(const QString path)
>    ...
> (or similar)
> then just create a
>    QList < QString > pluginNames;
>    QHash < QString, GenericBookmarkReader * > readers;
>  which you'd fill when a user requests some bookmarks.
Okay, thanks :-)
In order to use the engine with Synchrotron I would need to compile each class 
into its own shared library, install these libraries into the plug-ins 
directory together with a desktop file?
That's what I got from code I looked at.

> Apropos Marco's question about the default browser's bookmarks. If you
> don't want to have only one browser in the engine, it would be rather
> nifty to have a 'default:/path' provider which would use one of the
> ff/konq/opera/... bookmark readers.
That's a nice idea. It would depend on the default browser set in the global 

> BTW, maybe it would be better to name it kde or kdebookmarks instead
> of konqueror, since rekonq (IIRC) uses the same.
Yes, rekonq uses the same. I'll rename it to "kde".

> Cheerio and welcome to Plasma :)
Thanks :-)

Best regards,
Jan Marker

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