Dataengine for browser bookmarks

Jan Gerrit Marker jangmarker at
Sat Feb 5 17:37:44 CET 2011

> The first thing here I'd like to see is separation of different
> browsers into different classes. It would be much easier to
> maintain/extend later.
I'm not sure how to make this into classes properly. I tried to understand the 
way the weather dataengine uses but I didn't get it.

> I guess that you're copying sqlite database file to another place so
> that you don't run into 'database locked' issue when firefox updates
> the database. Does Firefox keep the db file locked for more than a few
> miliseconds on update?
Firefox only locks the database if it needs write access but from my tests it 
does not release the file after editing so I think it is safer to make a copy.

> p.s. There is no point really in doing this until the user (applet)
> requests a data source:
Okay, I'll move it into the prepare* methods.

> And (IMO) the mkpath shouldn't really be there - if you're providing
> just a data retrieval engine, it shouldn't change the local
> filesystem.
I made the path in order to provide a cache - I thought it would be nicer to 
have the places.sqlite of the Firefox profiles in one folder.

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