Dataengine for browser bookmarks

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Sat Feb 5 15:38:58 CET 2011

p.s. There is no point really in doing this until the user (applet)
requests a data source:

    /* Konqueror */
    m_konquerorBookmarkManager = KBookmarkManager::userBookmarksManager();

    /* Firefox 3 */
    m_firefoxDbDir = QDir(KStandardDirs::locateLocal("cache", "") +
    if (!m_firefoxDbDir.exists())

    /* Opera */
    m_operaBookmarksAdr.setFileName(QDir::homePath() + "/.opera/bookmarks.adr");

And (IMO) the mkpath shouldn't really be there - if you're providing
just a data retrieval engine, it shouldn't change the local


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