Dataengine for browser bookmarks

Jan Gerrit Marker jangmarker at
Sat Feb 5 16:29:47 CET 2011

> I think it's a nice idea and that the engine would be welcome for sure in
> workspace 
> (ah, maybe you'll want to subscribe at least for the time the discussion
> will go on, not sure everybody will always remember to reply to all)
I'm subscribed, I used the wrong e-Mail address, sorry.

> quick comment by quckly reading the sources:
> i'm not sure it's a good idea to always crawl all the bookmarks of all the
> found browsers,
> like the runner, the default browser should be tried to be found...
It gets the bookmarks of the browser requested. If you want to get the 
bookmarks of Firefox you request the source:
This returns a list of the bookmarks and folders in the root folder of 
Firefox' bookmarks.
Then you can query a bookmark or a folder by requesting:
and so on.
So it's up to the runner to request only the bookmarks of the browser it 

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