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Martin Gräßlin kde at
Fri Feb 4 19:33:31 CET 2011

On Friday 04 February 2011 12:38:23 Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Thursday, February 03, 2011 23:56:12 Marco Martin wrote:
> > * location? (that's the tricky part, eheh ;)
> I'd be happy to host Tokamak5 in Nijmegen / Netherlands. It's easily
> reachable, we'd have the whole house for ourselves. Half of the people can
> sleep right here, others can sleep in a hotel / pension. We can cook
> ourselves or order in, which would keep costs manageable for everybody.
hey that sounds awesome :-)
> Accessibility is pretty good: direct train from Amsterdam airport (1.5
> hours, good connections (ICE) to / from Germany, espc. Southern (one
> change). Airport Niederrhein / Weeze and Eindhoven (EHV) are even closer
> than AMS.
> > * dates
> Kim will be away in week 16, 17 and 18, so that'd be the ideal time, but
> we're not necessarily bound to that.
For me week 16 or 17 would be perfect. Both have a public holiday so 
minimizing the number of days you have to take off from work :-P On the other 
hand the weekend between 16 and 17 is Eastern, that might conflict with real 
life for some. For me week 18 seems like a no-go as I don't expect to get free 
days in that week.

/me votes for week 17
> You'd be most welcome :)
Thanks :-)

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