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Martin Gräßlin kde at
Fri Feb 4 07:27:22 CET 2011

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> On Thursday, February 3, 2011, Marco Martin wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > It seems it's that time of the year again :)
> > 
> > I would really like we could have a little meeting again, maybe around
> > april? I tink this time it would be nice to hae few people (10-15? but
> > i want at least a couple of new faces there ;) to lay down a plan for
> > the
> i think 15 even might be a bit too much for this one. i'd really enjoy a 
> smaller, more focused Tokamak this time around. 10-12 is a good target
> imho.
> 3 new faces minimum, leaving a maximum of 9 "old guard"? we should have
> at   least one kwin dev (more welcome), nepomuk would be nice to have
> there ...
I will come and I already talked to San from Compiz and he would like to join if time permitts. And he would be a new face.
> > next releases, what we want to do, what the architecture of libplasma2
> > could be.. (good news, will have a way lower entry point barrier;)
> =)
> > sooo some ideas abut
> > * topics
better use of compositor in kwin and looking into the transition to Wayland.
> > * dates
> if it's in April, it can't be in the middle of the month for me. the
> beginning   or end of April work, though.
April is fine for me. Beginning of May might be difficult.
> > * location? (that's the tricky part, eheh ;)
> indeed; we could put out a call for hosts on our blogs?
Something in central europe would be nice :-)


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