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On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, todd rme wrote:

what would be helpful is to do a mockup of your ideas below, and keep evolving 
it as we continue the discussion.
> 1. Get rid of favorites from the application launcher.  Focus on
> making runners easy, intuitive, and clear.  These go in the middle.

don't favourites and krunner do rather different things?

> 2. Get rid of applications from the system tray.  Integrate those with
> the task manager (including buttons-on-thumbnails).  System tray goes
> on the right.

agreed; this is a great little project for someone who'd like to go down that 

> 3. Notifications go to the right of the system tray.  This is for
> symmetry.  Expander for hidden items (which should probably never
> exist in the first place now) should go on the left.

we found this doesn't work as well because notifications is aways there while 
the other items may come and go, which means movement. so the more stable 
things being towards the middle tends to be better. and yes, that means that 
the system tray should probaby swap order depending on where in a containment 
it is :)

> 5. To the right of the application launcher, have a text entry field.
> This is krunner.  Like the application launcher, it opens horizontally

yes, i'd like to see a plasmoid version of krunner. since the results area is 
already a bunch of QGraphicsWidgets, this should be quite doable. would you 
like to give this a try?

> Krunner entries also have stars to place them as launchers.  Other
> runners can determine their own use for the stars, or turn them off.
> For instance the star in the plasma applet runner would add the applet
> to your panel.

this could probably already be prototyped with the existing krunner.

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