New properties for StatusNotifierItem: (Not|Only)ShowIn (2/3)

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Feb 3 14:41:47 CET 2011

On Thursday 03 February 2011, Ted Gould wrote:
> Hello,
> For an intro see the mail with the (0/3) in the subject line.
> We also started to use some of the application indicators from
> applications in the launcher on the left side of the screen.  We use the
> application indicator to provide additional menus for the launcher which
> we call a quick list.  We're currently choosing which application is on
> the panel and which is in the launcher based on heuristics, but we'd
> like to have a way for applications to explicitly control that behavior
> if they so desire.  What we'd like to add is two properties that are
> lists of strings: NotShowIn and OnlyShowIn.  These would work exactly
> the same as the same properties in Desktop files where an application
> could say "NotShowIn=["Unity Launcher"]" and ensure that they'd never
> end up with that item used as a quicklist.  Most applications would
> hopefully not find a reason to use this, but for those that would like
> the precise control it would be available.
> 		--Ted

I'm a bit hesitant about this, I'm not sure should be up to the application 
knowing where it should be or not present...
what is an exact use case?
what is that unity needs to show or not show?
wouldn't be possible to gather from the data like the category of the item (or 
even add more description data of what the item is about)?

Marco Martin

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