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Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Feb 2 22:30:45 CET 2011

On Wednesday 02 February 2011, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> >   - more user interface, user experience, simplicity, very.. tactile.
> people who have various custom panel layouts will utterly, utterly hate
> this and i have no desire to deal with the horrible flaming that will
> result if we were to do this. we could _add_ a "autoresize" button to make
> the panel fit the contents nicely, though.
> i'm happy to entertain other ways of setting the size and location of the
> panel, but restricting it is not something i want to do in plasma-desktop.
> sorry :(

I'm the first t admit that the min/max configuration thing is not a gem of 
intuitive ui, but it's also true that what it configures is quite complex, and 
removing features, quite used even is a no go ;)

> i'm not interested in making it a clone of windows7 :)
> others are, though, and have written some very nice 3rd party plasmoids.
> i'd be happy to see one or more of these maintained as part of
> kdeplasma-addons even.

that's another thing qml applets will make easier: make those changes in 
behaviour by changing one file instead of both having a dialog with a zillion 
options and forking a big amoung of code

> > (3) "Recently used" should use qZetigeist and show documents separated by
> > fancy style days..
> imho, not until it's integrated with nepomuk.

that (could) be nearer than it seems btw ;)

> > -  "Leave" tab: can't it be a button, two buttons?
> not with the # of entries we have there, no.
> > (*) instead of tweaking Kickstart, why not dropping it and improve
> > Lancelot?
> it's something we'll be considering, yes...

yeah, not immediately (as i said in the thread, year plan, keep quite stable 
for a year, then viva la revolucion!

> violates the principle of contextuality. why should configuration of the
> desktop containment be triggered from a panel? and why should it move
> suddenly if i don't have a panel? and what happens on a multi-screen
> system? PVD?

this could be also a problem with the other idea, of integrating it in krunner 

Marco Martin

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