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alex.tolar alex.tolar at
Wed Feb 2 16:03:06 CET 2011

Hello everybody,
I'm Alex, I follow with passion your development and particularly this thread.
I have a modest Panel proposal to present, simple and agreeable, and, I think, quick to implement.

(1) Put an "Intelli-Size" button next to "Screen edge" and "Height" buttons on the panel menu:
  - when pressed, the panel will expand and reduce its width intelligently, as much as needed by itself;
  - really omogeneous interface to tweak the panel shape and position.
- That will drop the actual manual resizing interface to set maximum/minimum panel size, which is:
  - unfriendly, non-intuitive, tricky to play with;
  - the actual width resizing system is totally different than the "Height" one;
  - not really clever. Frequent circumstancial events would claim more (or less!) space;
  - the workspace will be more uncluttered, and uniform to the "Activities" menu.
- Will drop the "Maximize Panel" button on "More settings" menu of the panel:
  - it's showed even if the panel is maximized!

(2) Improve "Screen edge" button functionality on the panel menu:
  - it will anchor an "Autoresized Panel" to center and corners of screen edges, when it's dragged.
- there will be no more need of a "Panel Alignment" section on "More settings" menu:
  - there is no need for alignment for a maximized panel!
  - more user interface, user experience, simplicity, very.. tactile.

(3) Place an "Activities" button on the panel menu.

Why not a do-it-yourself gimpy mock-up?


--- About taskmanager:

(1) use only icons (this already happens when taskbar is full):
  - icon size on the panel should be shortcut size (>launcher size, =Kickoff)
  - huge possibility to definitely get rid of program tray icons on the System Tray!

(2) improve kwin thumbnails: (better if implemented also for 2d popups)
  - chance to close program
  - chance to show tabs as separated windows

--- About Kickstart

(1) abandon "Favorites" tab (use the task launchers instead)
  - right click on a program icon must only show "Add to Panel" (and "Uninstall")

--- more ideas...

(2) integrate krunner as engine of search field (like Lancelot)

(3) "Recently used" should use qZetigeist and show documents separated by fancy style days..

(4) various tweaks like:
 -  two columns for program navigation (like nautilus, Lancelot)
 -  not show removable media, there's already a great applet on the system tray..
 -  "Leave" tab: can't it be a button, two buttons?

(*) instead of tweaking Kickstart, why not dropping it and improve Lancelot?

--- about Tool Box
I really believe that an always visible "Panel Tool Box" should replace it.
If no panel is present, well, then show the Toolbox on the workspace.

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