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Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Feb 2 10:58:43 CET 2011

On Wednesday 02 February 2011, Markus Slopianka wrote:
> Am Dienstag 01 Februar 2011, 13:17:51 schrieb Sebastian Kügler:
> > Actually, Aaron expressed my thoughts about your comments exactly.
> If that's the case, you guys really should work on your self esteem. Just
> because someone tells his opinion he certainly does not necessarily demand
> his opinion to turn into reality as if you guys were his slaves.

the issue, is when you realize you have to explain again the very same thing 
for the 100th time, i find really hard to stay calm as well, even if the other 
doesn't have any fault.
he overreacted? probably so, but the already discussed things - several times, 
really don't add much value to the thread

> My initial mail does not contain a single word of harsh language or a
> demand of any kind. OTOH Aaron's mail implied lots of negative stuff about
> me that cannot be farther from the truth.

to me it was not insulting but still overexagerated:
"programmers with their fully cramped task bars are bigger fans of activities 
than the common persons with music player and browser open alone and -- if 
they are cutting edge -- even separate chat and mail clients."

this to me seems pretty far from reality and exagerated by purpose, but maybe 
it wasn't I don't know. but in the end, believe or not people use their 
computers to do -work-

> > It's not
> > about calming down, but about having a useful discussion among Plasma
> > developers. People don't just take part to advance their own agenda,
> > we're having this discussion to determine direction.
> I stand by my opinion that turning the focus towards Activities benefits
> mostly the kind of user who uses many applications simultaneously. If you
> agree: Fine. If not: The world doesn't collapse either.

but not only many applications open simultaneously, also many files to keep 
track of, many email messages, many contacts etc.
each of those "many" are used really a lot, from users pretty far from being 
experienced developers (ever sen the overcrowded wih icons desktop of the 
average secretary?)
that is where we don't agree (but that's fine)

> I never have and never will bitch about defaults that may not suit my
> taste, just as I never bitched about my Plasma Netbook mockup from a few
> months ago not being received well.
> Believe it or not: Whatever you will come up with, I'll stay grateful for
> your work.

yeah, eh, sometimes we're a bit cranky, but that's because we care about this 
stuff, and believe or not we still appreciate feedback and critics :)

Marco Martin

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