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Tue Feb 1 15:56:44 CET 2011

Boy, what a huge thread!

I'm sorry I couldn't read it entirely yet (and even less find out about this
around the web) and I'm sorry if you guys might have talked about it before
but, as don't see it and you've been discussing activities, I want to offer
at least something to polish the edges. I might be foreseeing a gray area
between Activities and Virtual Desktops (but I'll save it for another mail
-- specially to try reading a bit more about both and see if I'm not missing
something) and, the idea I want to share here and actualy and currently
miss, having a widget at all activities. Here's my use case for the latter:

I download and produce videos, pictures, music and what not. Apps (usually
KDE's and GTK ones) often don't care where I want each content (mostly they
want to save stuff at my home folder, desktop folder or documents folder,
even though there are Downloads, Videos, Images and Music paths well defined
at System Settings). I know, it's a matter of fixing the apps but I don't
see it happening any soon (and I'm not able to do so) and, also, it turned
out to be better by giving me sort of a staging area for deciding which
content I'll keep. So, stuff I download always go to Downloads folder and
stuff I make always go to Desktop folder and both stay there 'till I see
they worth going to the right place. Then right now I have Downloads and
Desktop folderviews on top of Videos, Music and Images folderviews and
manually move files between them. These folderviews take a little more than
the horizontal half of my desktop.

However, it'd be quite helpful to have Video, Audio and Image activities,
where, taking the same amount of space at the desktop, I could have
respective folderviews grouped with some more plasmoids to easily provide me
more related content. For example, at Video I want a Web Slice with TV guide
showing currently running and next shows (from a satellite tv company's web
page) and at Audio I'd like to add Now Playing. The thing is I'd also need
Desktop and Download folderviews to each and, of course, the best would be
having them at the same place and size among all (so, taking no brain and
basicly muscle memory to move files from these folderviews to respective
ones at each Activity), specially if, say, Downloads folderview became too
small for the needs and has to be resized. Desktop and Dowloads folderviews
would be resized/repositioned once to all activities and activities'
specific plasmoids, if grouped, would only take one resizing/repositioning
to each group.

That being, how does setting a widget for all activities sound for 4.7?

And, sure, thank you, guys, for the great work 'till here and coming!

J (|´:¬{)»
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