Tooltip timeout question

Shaun Reich shaun.reich at
Thu Dec 29 18:21:31 UTC 2011

So today I just got this neat idea for the pager's tooltip, to resolve the
issue where it's limited on the number of Windows it can display in the

I was thinking about doing a sort of fade in/out on the tooltip text, as it
switches to the next set to display. Of course, it'd do this after a bit of
continuing to mouse over the pager.

So naturally this idea gets shot down if the plasma tooltip times out after
a couple seconds of hovering over it, unless this option is set
somewhere...I thought it was at one point in Global Workspace Settings, but
I'm unable to find it now.

All considered, is it possible to exempt myself from the tooltip timeout
for special cases such as this, where the contents want to cycle around,
displaying not just fixed content?

Shaun Reich,
KDE Software Developer (
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