Review Request: Change activity by rolling the mouse wheel over the showActivityManager widget.

Simone Gaiarin simgunz at
Wed Dec 28 22:01:46 UTC 2011

I understand and I agree with you. So I leave this work to someone
more skilled by me. I'm still a newbie kde programmer. I'll close the
review request.


2011/12/28 Sebastian Kügler <sebas at>:
> On Tuesday, December 27, 2011 20:00:12 Simone Gaiarin wrote:
>> Summarizing:
>> 1)No redundant configuration interface should be added.
>> 2)Only cycle through active activity is fine, but the dbus interface
> I still don't like this behaviour, as, even with a tooltip, it's still kind of
> hidden. A more explicit behaviour would be nicer.
>> should provide a method to get the list of active activity to simplify
>> the work, or it will be necessary to make a dbus call for every
>> activity to check if it is active. But what is the sense of active or
>> unactive activity?
>> 3)The tooltip popup of the widget now says: "Click to show the
>> activity manager". We can add a description like: "Scroll to switch
>> activity."
>> With this two changes who do not use activities can't do any mista
>> since the widget does not do anything even if he scroll over it.
>> Instead the activity aware user can know how the widget work from the
>> tooltip.
>> 4)Later, as a final improvement an osd with the activity name can be added.
> This is really what should be done, maybe like a kwin VD switching effect?
>> What do you think?
> I'm not a great fan of pushing in the wheel-switches-activity, this should be
> improved in the correct way right away. We're so far away from feature freeze
> (4.9) that we don't really need a quick thing in.
> Cheers,
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