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Wed Dec 28 16:58:24 UTC 2011

On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin at kde.org> wrote:

> On Wednesday 28 December 2011 16:54:37 Mark wrote:
> > I really like your reply especially since you're commenting about the
> image
> > and everything in it :) Nice feedback although not exactly the thing i
> > intended.
> > I meant the flowout part, so in that image it's the way the "start menu"
> > kinda flows out of the panel itself.
> >
> > Sadly you didn't run the example since you would have instantly noticed
> > it.. thus i mailed the example to you ^_^
> thanks for mailing it, so I have seen it now.
> Well that is not really trivial. In your QML example the panel, start menu
> and
> desktop background are one window rendered in one context. In reality these
> are three windows. Adapting the size is not really a nice thing to do with
> X11. Just give it a try with Yakuake. It supports sliding popups (default)
> and
> animation by itself. If the animation is done by itself it is slow,
> stutters -
> espacially on NVIDIA.
> Reason for that is that with each changed size a new window pixmap is
> required
> and some drivers are slow with texture from pixmap operations. And the
> whole
> thing has to be perfectly timed. Yakuake resizes it's window in a fixed
> interval and KWin would have to repaint in exactly the same interval to
> get a
> fluid animation. I expect things like that to be much better with Wayland.
> With the sliding popups effect we go a different way: the window is not
> resized but moved by the compositor. Unfortunately there is no feedback to
> the
> window. That is something we will gain with Wayland. There the window will
> know when a frame was rendered. Nevertheless it would be possible to
> pseudo-
> sync the rendering if Plasma uses the effect hook to set the animation
> duration. The only thing you would not do is the resizing.
> So I would say: give it a try. Just use the kickoff-qml branch and apply
> your
> qml magic :-)

Hehehe, you really do promote that kickoff-qml quite well! I see it so
often on your blog and other areas.

But how can i apply "my magic" to that? As you see in the example code,
I've sliced the panel in two parts. one is the 2 pixel top line and the
rest is the gradient. As far as i know the plasma theming stuff only has 1
image for the panel right? Thus i can't interrupt the border that is on top
of the panel..

> >
> > About the firefox or window manager things or even blur. Thanx for that
> but
> > you can ignore the picture other then place where the panel nicely
> > integrates in the start menu.
> it did not say so :-)
> Cheers
> Martin
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