Review Request: Change activity by rolling the mouse wheel over the showActivityManager widget.

Simone Gaiarin simgunz at
Mon Dec 26 22:46:20 UTC 2011

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(Updated Dec. 26, 2011, 10:46 p.m.)

Review request for Plasma and Aaron J. Seigo.


Rolling the mouse wheel over the showActivityManager change the current activity. In this way it's not necessary to open the activities menu, select the activity and close the menu and the activity change is faster.


  plasma/desktop/applets/showActivityManager/showActivityManager.h f58fbb71a633f7f2ee3185650a9a7cbb083ec955 
  plasma/desktop/applets/showActivityManager/showActivityManager.cpp e77df0d82c64562390fc922105cd3aea9af138a2 



The plasmoid works fine after the patch.


Simone Gaiarin

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