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Hi Giorgios,happy to see you want to help. There are many ways you can help plasma developing:- Create plasmoids: plasmoid can be created using C++, Python, Ruby, Javascritpt. In thenext KDE version (4.6) it will be possible to create plasmoids with QML. If you want to create plasma widgets really nice in a easy way, I recomend you to learn QML: the Qtsite is really useful (http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/gettingstartedqml.html), then you can see examples of QML plasmoids on SVN (http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/playground/base/plasma/kinetic-declarative/).

- Develop Plasma shells: actually we are developing Plasma Desktop, Plasma Netbook, andPlasma Media Center. We are also collecting idea for Plasma Classroom. You can find informations about these projects on techbase. If you need some other particular explanationsjust ask.

- Fixing bugs: you can take a look at bugs with bugs.kde.org: register on it and then start to seewhat can you solve. When you have written a solution (and seen that it works) you can submitit using the reviewboard.kde.org service. First of all, take a look at SVN, GIT, and reviewboarddocumentation.

I hope to have been useful, thanks for joining us.

Luca Tringali

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Ogg: Re: getting involved with plasma

I think you are not taking the right steps. You should first see where in plasma you want to get invoved. You said plasma, what in plasma do you want to do? do you have a specific plasmoid need/idea? (there are already lots of them) Anything else?

Then you will look at the appropriate tools and language for it.


i don't want to write doc,translate,promote for plasma.i want to fix bugs in plasma's code/plasmoid to create plasmoids,to help in mailing lists/irc.

between plasmoids and plasma's code i am more interesting in plasma's code.
as it concerns my chose for plasma,i want to get involved with plasma because (for the moment) it is the most interesting project for me.
i didn't find something else so exciting such as plasma.
i hearing your advices :)

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