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Chani chanika at
Tue Oct 19 11:01:31 CEST 2010

On October 19, 2010 10:46:47 Mario Fux wrote:
> Am Montag 18 Oktober 2010, 15.30:03 schrieb Chani:
> Morning
> > > Do I need to add something to the release thing on techbase? Is there a
> > > freeze near?
> > 
> > soft freeze is october 28th. you should update the feature plan:
> >
> Ok. Added: kdebase-workspace:  add some default actitivites for 4.6 | Mario
> Fux

thanks :)
it's about time for everyone to be updating the feature plan, actually... 

> Yes. Makes sense. But I think about autostarting them when you switch to
> these activities.

I guess I have to think about how that could be made to happen then ;)

hrm. I suppose the easiest way would be to just use krun from the template 
script right after you create the containment.. :) yeah, that'd be easy..

note: I'm assuming all this would happen when the activity is *created* from 
that template, and the user can customize it from there as with any other 

> > what other plasmoids could be useful for these activity templates?
> See above.

awesome :)

> > > This "research" does not include anything about the apps config or
> > > nepomuk activity application integration as I've trunk not working atm
> > > on any of my machine (should change sooner rather the later).
> > 
> > config would be an ugly matter I'd rather avoid for now (or forever).
> > 
> > nepomuk integration & context-awareness is a separate todo-item ;)
> You mean nepomuk activitiy application integration. And I think I know
> where this will happen, in Randa. But more about this at another time.


> > the only thing is... I'm not entirely sure when I'll have time to make
> > plasma- desktop support activity templates. I kinda overcommitted myself
> > a teensy bit
> Is it or will it be possible to save and export activities? Then I could do
> some stuff. Otherwise, developing in this area. I don't know if I'm good
> enough already i.e. if I knew enough to work with the activity stuff (would
> be definitely in my area of interest as there is a connection to nepomuk).

the containment can be exported - but not the session data, which is spread 
across ksmserver, kwin and the applications involved. :/

I won't say it's impossible, but I wouldn't expect it to be pretty. :)
..then again, I didn't think half of this activity session stuff would be 
possible a year ago either ;)

but activity *templates* - this is something me and aaron discussed on the 
list, just after akademy iirc. they'll be just like the panel templates (eg. 
"default panel") but DesktopCorona needs a little extra code so that an 
activity is created and the containments the script makes are added to that 
new activity.

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