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Tue Oct 19 10:46:47 CEST 2010

Am Montag 18 Oktober 2010, 15.30:03 schrieb Chani:


> > Do I need to add something to the release thing on techbase? Is there a
> > freeze near?
> soft freeze is october 28th. you should update the feature plan:

Ok. Added: kdebase-workspace:  add some default actitivites for 4.6 | Mario 
> > But first I'll go through the comments in aaron's blog and through most
> > of the KDE application (in SC and outside).
> > 
> > So here my (not all ideas are originally mine!) proposal for some default
> > activities:
> > - Development: Kdevelop, Konqueror with open, Dolphin with
> > kdesdk open
Plasmoids: KDE Observatory

> > - Internet: KMail, Konqueror/Rekonq, Akregator
Plasmoids: LionMail, Calender

> > - Photo: Digikam, Gwenview
Plasmoids: Pictureframe with slideshow from Picture folder, do we something 
for flickr like pastebin?!?

> > - Office: KWord, KSpread & KPresenter
Plasmoids: Clipboard

> > - Graphic: Krita, Gwenview, Ksnapshot
Plasmoids: Pictureframe, ImagePaste, Colorselector

> > - Multimedia (or Video and Music separate): Dragon Player, Amarok,
> > (kaffeine), Kccd
Plasmoids: Videoviewer, NowPlaying

> > - Education: Marble, Parley, Cantor, KPotatoGuy
Plasmoids: kdeedu plasmoids (kalzium, kalgebra, etc.)

> > (- Or different edu actitives? does it clash with Plasma classroom? And
> > is it possible that one provides different activities, probably with
> > GHNS integration?)
> > - Games: A KDE card game, a KDE arcade game, ...

Plasmoids: Kfifteen

> okay... uhm... these are mostly lists of applications. are you thinking of
> adding shortcuts to them on the desktop?

Yes. Makes sense. But I think about autostarting them when you switch to these 

> what other plasmoids could be useful for these activity templates?

See above.

> > This "research" does not include anything about the apps config or
> > nepomuk activity application integration as I've trunk not working atm
> > on any of my machine (should change sooner rather the later).
> config would be an ugly matter I'd rather avoid for now (or forever).
> nepomuk integration & context-awareness is a separate todo-item ;)

You mean nepomuk activitiy application integration. And I think I know where 
this will happen, in Randa. But more about this at another time.

> the only thing is... I'm not entirely sure when I'll have time to make
> plasma- desktop support activity templates. I kinda overcommitted myself a
> teensy bit

Is it or will it be possible to save and export activities? Then I could do 
some stuff. Otherwise, developing in this area. I don't know if I'm good 
enough already i.e. if I knew enough to work with the activity stuff (would be 
definitely in my area of interest as there is a connection to nepomuk).
> :P oops.

Oh ;-(

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