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Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Oct 1 17:05:12 CEST 2010

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Review request for Plasma.


looking at how slow kconfig as, this makes storage use sqlite (and makes some methods private, before it's too late)
it can still use some improvements but it's basically working.
two main concerns are:
- is acceptable/safe to link to QtSql and assume the sqlite driver is present?
- i would still see this as a fallback for when an akonadi version is not present (being in another process should slowdown the gui a bit less, but i could not want it in some mobile profiles)

the akonadi version is in the usual status "almost working with developer disappeared" :p


  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/plasma/CMakeLists.txt 1179394 
  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/plasma/datacontainer.h 1179394 
  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/plasma/datacontainer.cpp 1179394 
  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/plasma/dataengine.cpp 1179394 
  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/plasma/private/datacontainer_p.h 1179394 
  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/plasma/private/storage.cpp 1179394 
  /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/plasma/private/storage_p.h 1179394 





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