Using Plasma::Svg outside of Plasma

Manuel Mommertz 2Kmm at
Sun Nov 28 13:51:59 CET 2010

On Sunday 28 November 2010 12:08:12 Aaron J. Seigo wrote: 
> looking at some of the new code in Svg and Theme, it's probably time to do
> some more profiling of Svg as well as make sure the caching is working
> properly (e.g. no renderers created on a second run of the app)

agreed. should be on the agenda for 4.7

> > If a Plasma::Svg is not themed it stores its pixmaps in the cache of
> > defaultTheme. For this, it would be a better solution to have a generic
> > systemTheme or something like that, as there is no need to rerender this,
> > if the default theme changes. Beside this, there is really no logical
> > relation between an unthemed svg and the default plasma theme.
> this isn't fatal

if the default theme doesn't use system colors but the unthemed svg does, this 
indeed is fatal as the pixmaps for this svg stay in the cache on changes in 
the colorscheme.

> > To conclude: I still think that a generic Plasma::Theme would be the best
> > way to solve this issues.
> i disagree; such a theme would just be a way to work around non-themed
> SVGs. which is an oxymoron. it also means applications would need to
> remember to set the theme correctly for a given svg and we can do that a
> lot simpler for them.

applications don't need to know this. we can decide in Plasma::Svg. If we have 
a unthemed one, just use the generic theme.

But there is a question that should be solved first: For 4.7 we have time to 
investigate in this. But what should we do for 4.6? If we want to support 
unthemed svgs that use system colors, we need a solution that doesn't involve 
to much investigation (and changes). With this in mind i would say we 
shouldn't officialy support this for 4.6 and work on a good solution for 4.7.

But on the personal side, I know from a guy that has worked hard to create a 
theme for aurorae that uses system colors. I really doesn't want to say him 
that he has to wait over 6 month to release it. :-/

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