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2010/6/16 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at kde.org>

> On June 16, 2010, TRINGALINVENT at libero.it wrote:
> > >> I mean... actually there are three
> > >> widgets usable
> > >> (picture, video, music browser) but it could be useful if the user
> > >> could choose to add some
> > >> other plasmoids so in the "welcome menù" he can decide to use them,
> for
> > >> example the
> > >> webbrowser plasmoid.
> > >
> > >this would probably be another state altogether, much like the picture
> and
> > >video browsers except that it would browse relevant widgets. i'd
> probably
> >
> > call
> >
> > >it "Apps" or somesuch. from the listing of available widgets, the user
> > >could select one or more to launch (full screen of course :)
> >
> > Yes, it's a good idea.
> great; and since you're wanting to charge in on this, please don't hesitate
> to
> ask questions as they arise, either here or on irc in #plasma or #plasma-
> mediacenter :)
> welcome to the project, btw :)
> > I think also that, if the project reach a good
> > state, we could start thinking to release
> absolutely; it's not a real project until releases get made ;)
> > a version of KDE that uses PMC as main eviroment, so there will be a
> > standard Kde version, a
> > netbook remix, and a mediacenter remix.
> my initial plans/hopes for PMC are to ship it as a feature of Plasma
> Desktop;
> both Windows and MacOS have media center apps that ship with them, so this
> would draw us to feature parity with them (and above all the other F/OSS
> desktop options out there at the same time in this regard :)
> that will get us a lot of feedback and testing, as our strongest base is
> still
> desktop users. then we can take that and start doing the work to make a
> proper
> stand-alone system. that will likely revolve around getting the input
> system
> (remotes, esp) working well and uPnp for media. i'd LOVE to see the ability
> to
> stream media from a Plasma Desktop or Amarok to a Plasma MC with "zero"
> user
> configuration. but that can be step 2, after step 1 of releasing it
> alongside
> Plasma Desktop for laptop/desktop users.

> what does everyone think about targetting 4.6 for a solid "step 1"? we can
> do
> a tech preview before then if PMC hits some milestones. we can work with
> openSuse and/or Kubuntu to roll such a thing. (aka "copy the netbook
> pattern")

4.6 is a good target but we *absolutely* need to sort out the Phonon issue.
Personally I cannot manage to play videos at all, and I'm a developer..
think about users.
I know i might have some config issues, but i don't think Avatar-like people
in videos are over as of the current Phonon version.
Regarding the other stuff we now have a pretty much working integration with
nepomuk + i'm doing huge API review (just committed one).
Christopher is doing pretty great job with QML while Christophe is giving
great help polishing.
I'm hoping in Hayri to get the working JS dataengines soon.
Stated this i think that at least a tech preview can be released soon.
Regarding the release schedule, instead, i cannot guarantee i can follow KDE
SC release schedule in general due to university ( :/ ) and therefore I was
thinking about extragear. If, instead, we reach a good developers base I
think we have more chances to release alongside with KDE SC.

Just my 2 cc.
Cheers :)

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