Notifications plasmoid, leak?

Alex Fiestas alex at
Sun Jun 6 00:34:43 CEST 2010

Hi fellows

Seems that the notifications plasmoid is leaking X11 memory for each 

How to reproduce:
1-Execute system activity (Ctrl+Esc), and show the X11 memory column
2-Remove your notifications plasmoid inside plasma.
3-Execute "plasmoidviewer notifications"
4-Execute "kdialog --passivepopup foo" to add a notification.

when adding notifications take a look at the X11 Memory column, you'll see how 
it increases 400K per each notification but only decrease 100 when the 
notification is closed.

I thought it would be because the notification is saved in the Notifications 
browser but:
1-Click on the plasmoid so the notification browser is shown
2-Close one notification when looking at the X11 Memory

You should see how the X11 memory INCREASE each time you close a notification. 
Additionally when you close the entire browser, the memory is not released.


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