Activity identicons v 1.99 :) (post-akademy)

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Mon Jul 12 13:09:22 CEST 2010

0. Not going to discuss about the reasoning behind identicons again.

1. Activities are no more only /desktop-setups-group-of-widgets/ so
making thumbnails can be counter-productive - you can keep the desktop
empty in all activities and still want to use other activity-related
features. Or if you like consistency, you could make the layout for
all activities identical (for example a few folder-views)

2. Creating a set of predefined activities just so that the icon is
auto-assigned? Very strange reasoning. You could argue that the
predefining would also provide a standard widgets layout, but it is
not plausible - the layouts in different 'types' can be quite the
same, and layouts for the same 'type' can be totally different.

3. Showing the configuration dialogue on creation is a possibility
that I have nothing against. But we still need different icons if the
user doesn't want to set them.


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