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 2010/1/26 Marco Martin <notmart at>

> > What if kopete says someone is talking to you and you were about to hit
> the
> > action for chatting with that person and suddenly battery (or anything
> > urgent else) comes along and you then actually hit the wrong deal for it?
> if the mouse is already somewhere over a notification any new notification
> should be queued and not displayed until the mouse leaves

Yeah but, see, if you have one notification at a time, this totally ruins
the purpose of battery (or whatever else)'s urgency on telling you your
power is going away.

I don't know about facebook (I don't have one) and what is proposed but if
it slims down notifications but lets it working as they are now, I guess
it's better.

> this is unfortunately something that completely depends fom the apps
> KDE UI guidelines couldn't cover it? Or ... don't know if there's any
meeting where KDE gets discussed but, if there is, couldn' it get discussed

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