notifications, again :D

Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Jan 25 23:27:57 CET 2010

On Monday 25 January 2010, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On January 25, 2010, Marco Martin wrote:
> > -only one notification is shown at a time
> > -still valid notifications scrolls automatically or after arrows press,
> > like rssnow
> > bottom arrow would switch from valid to recent expired notifications
> i like the idea of one notification at a time as well as being able to
> scroll through them.
> there are some other design parameters here, too:
> * what is shown automatically (popped up) as opposed to when the user
> clicks on the icon

wonder if it's better to just expand the same popup dialog or creating a 
totally different one...
i was thinking about just giving a different default height from the scroller, 
like tall just enough to show one vs enogh to show 2 or 3

that makes me pose a question...
will we still use extenderitems for notifications?
seemed a cool ideea to be able to put them on the desktop.. in practice didn't 
find it sooo useful
at the moment i'm trying to reparent extenderitems in a scrollwidget. it seems 
to work quite well even if if it still have some funny behaviour..

(and it comes again on having extendergroup members actually belog to the 
extendergroup rather than it is now)

> * how are jobs displayed
> * how are notifications from multiple apps shown
> when a notification first appears, right now it pops up along with
> everything else that is also there. that's not particularly great for two
> reasons:
> a) i've probably already seen the other information already, so it becomes
> an unintentional "nagging"
> b) it makes it harder to pick out what the new content is amongst all that
> old content

so when a notification pops up just show the notification, not jobs?

> so i think it would make sense to have a "what pops up" UI, and
> one-at-a-time, scrolling one after the other if there are lots of them
> makes sense to me.
> if there are lots of them, clicking the close button or the (i) icon should
> dismiss the popup UI until new ones appear.
> [...]
> as for positioning ... maybe now that we can turn everything else on/off in
> the system tray it's time to add a feature so that it is also able to be
> disabled in a given tray.

well, actually is already posible to enable/disable notifications and jobs 

> in fact, maybe it's time it became it's own plasmoid altogether which is by
> default hosted in the system tray.

yes, probably.
i fear the extraction could be quite painful however :D

Marco Martin

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