Tokamak IV breakout groups

Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Feb 5 20:44:20 CET 2010

On Friday 05 February 2010, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi all ...
> we need to collect a listing of all the breakout groups for Tokamak IV. you
> can see a start to this on the Tokamak IV organization page here:
> to add a new group, please propose it here in this thread and if we agree
> that it's on topic and that we will have the right people at Tokamak IV to
> cover the topic then we can add it.
> note that there are breakout groups already there fore Oxygen and KWin, but
> that they need some details added.
> each breakout group will have a facilitator assigned. this person will be
> responsible for organizing the schedule for the talks and helping us to get
> reports back from that group. the facilitator does not need to do all that
> work themselves, they just need to ensure it gets done. :) facilitators are
> free to wander between break out groups, of course, but it would be good if
> they were around their break-out group as much as possible or is needed.
> break-out groups may last for the entirety of Tokamak IV, or they may only
> last for a day or two. this is up to the people in the breakout group.
> please note.
> if you would like to participate, in whole or in part, a break out group,
> please add your name to the attendees list for that group(s).
> if you would like to give a presentation, add it to the list as well.
> i will try to work out some scheduling that will work for as many people as
> possible based on the input you provide on that page.
> thanks :)
oh, god, i should really be in all of them, can we make tokamak 4 weeks? :p
jokes aside,  we have 4 groups,
the ideal thing would be to have "work sessions" that don't last all day 
(half? a bit more?) so we'll have a schedule with two in the morning and two 
in the afternoon, maybe with some hours of overlapping but letting people to 
attend to more than one.

even if the kwin one will make sense probably to be a day ot two, since martin 
will be here only for a short time and /all/ of the "core" people (well, 
everybody that even remotely touched either libplasma or a shell) should -
really- attend.

also, depending from how many presentations there will be, they should be 
sequential, so everybody listens to all, and then back to work :)

Marco Martin

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