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Tue Dec 14 03:42:46 CET 2010

A Segunda, 13 de Dezembro de 2010 14:16:21 Ivan Čukić você escreveu:
> > i resent that fact that you think I have no life and reside in IRC all
> > the time. The rumours even if true have not yet been proven :), I have a
> > life i
> Sorry, but I just got to say this - dude, not to put a finer point on
> it - you have a wife, that, by definition, implies no life :D

naaa it implies no control over life difrent from no life :) result is similar 
> > think, not sure but i think i do or herrrr i did have one ... juts lost
> > it for a moment under a stak of todo icons... im prety sure its under a
> > action icon
> And we love you for making KDE icons a part of your life :)
> Ch

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