Ideas/Mockups for Mobile System Tray (GSoC)

Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Apr 5 11:01:31 CEST 2010

On Monday 05 April 2010, Yuen Hoe Lim wrote:
> > it works because plasmoids are either on the systray or in the expanded
> > view,
> > never in both
> I see. Just a thought - how about hiding the icons in the systray (or even
> the whole systray itself) during expanded 'activated' state, so that all
> the icons are 'moved' to the overlay, and are thus only in one place?

yes, it can definitely be a valid way

> > in the sense: your first mockup is a fullscreen window, so it totally
> > interrupts the user work.
> > i think this is fine for phone calls, not anything else, that should be
> > more
> > discrete
> Okay got it. I just had another idea - how bout if I scrapped the
> full-screen window thing (so there is only 1 notification 'mode' now), and
> instead create an additional "notification display" plasmoid that looks and
> works just like my first mockup? That way if I have an application open
> it'll never get in my way since the desktop and its plasmoids are
> underneath. But if I have it in my pocket (which should mean I don't have
> an app open) then when I take it out it's the first thing I see on the
> desktop.
> It might be nice to have such a plasmoid in Plasma Desktop and Plasma
> Netbook too I think :)

that is mostly the current notification plasmoid (modulo the obvious adaptions 
to the formfactor), the working could also be similar to the current one.
you have notifications, enlarge the systra, tap the notifications icon, open 
the fullscreen browser
or, if at the moment there is a tiny notification open, click on it and opens 
the fullscreen one.

Marco Martin

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