No signals from Plasma.ComboBox?

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Sep 30 14:43:16 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 30 September 2009, Thomas Olsen wrote:
> Hi
> Firstly, it has been *AGES* since I've coded Qt/KDE and this is my first
> endeavor into Plasma so I'll probably be sending a lot of newbie questions,
> but I'll promise that I'll do my best to google for the answers first.
> I'm trying to connect the activated or textChanged from a Plasma.ComboBox
> signal to a Python function but nothing seems to happen. This is  what I've
> tried inside my init() function (most is snipped out):
>         self.currency_to = Plasma.ComboBox(self.applet)
> QObject.connect(self.currency_from,SIGNAL("activated(PyQt_PyObject)"),self.
>     def do_convert_from(currency_from):
>         print "Convert from:" + currency_from
> But when I select an item in the combo nothing happens; no errors or
> anything.
> I've also tried:
> QObject.connect(self.currency_from,SIGNAL("activated(string)"),self.do_conv
> but to no avail.
> If anyone can point me to a Python Plasmoid I can study I would appreciate
> it.
looking in the combobox code seems the signals are correctly wired up.
try doing the same thing by accessing the nativeWidget() signals, but it 
should make no difference

Marco Martin

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