Review Request: Full Konqueror History Runner

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Tue Sep 29 12:52:19 CEST 2009

Hi Jon,

On Tuesday 29 September 2009 00:15:34 Jon de Andres wrote:
> The browserhistory runner in kdeplasma-addons only searchs in the typed
>  history in konqueror, stored in KDEDIR/share/conf/konq_history. Konqueror
>  uses its own lib to use the "full" history with title and extra info. This
>  runner do use the KonqHistoryProvider to search in this history, stored in
>  KDEDIR/share/apps/konqueror/konq_history.

I've talked with dfaure about that about a year ago, he seemed positive towards 
making this history part of the lib public API. You need to talk to him though to get 
it done.

> Probably this runner is used with the rekonq browser but we think that it
>  could be useful for KDE users so it searches in the title and url as we
>  can see in other browsers, firefox, chromium, etc...
> In kdebase/apps/lib/konq lives the lib used by konqueror and this runner,
>  in this folder there are some headers, konq_history*.h that are needed to
>  be installed. So the CMakeLists.txt should be fixed.

Also, the runner should completely replace the browserhistory runner, both in our 
sources but also its pluginnames. There shouldn't be two runners, and users who have 
configured the "old" one, should get the new one automatically.

In the code, you have this TODO to connect signals to update. That's actually a 
pretty important thing (the history changes much more often than you restart 
KRunner). So with this added, and David having made the necessary changes to libkonq, 
it can go in.

You can test your runner by only enabling that one, and then see if you still get 
crashes. Maybe konqhistory isn't thread-safe?

The code looks good to me, otherwise. 

Welcome to Plasma development, btw :)
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