Ayatana notifications for Plasma

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at canonical.com
Wed Sep 23 18:21:32 CEST 2009

Martin Gräßlin wrote:

>> An important point: While the patch is integrated in Kubuntu, the
>> default behavior is to use KDE notifications. The user can switch to
>> Ayatana notifications through an option of the system tray configuration
>> dialog (there are even preview buttons to help the user decide).
>> http://people.canonical.com/~agateau/plasma-ayatana-notifications/configura
>> tion.png
> Sorry have you ever considered how that looks to the user? Which user does 
> know about Ayatana? That is a technical term which should not be presented in 
> a UI.

I was thinking just like you. My initial patch was labeled "Lighter 
notifications", but Celeste and ScottK (of Kubuntu fame) suggested to 
put the Ayatana word here to start building a brand on it.

> Why should a user switch to something else than the KDE notifications? 
> The dialog is completely missing any information on what the notifications 
> provide, what's the difference between the two and in the end it will come down 
> to the one provides different possible positions while the other doesn't

It seems you missed the "Preview" buttons in the dialog.

> (btw 
> the last time I tested Karmic the edges monitor didn't get disabled when 
> switching to KDE notifications).

Good point. Will fix.

> If you wanted to give an easy way to test this 
> system while not destroying user experience you should have made this a hidden 
> config file option.

I would not call this an "easy way to test"

> And I am realy afraid that there will be the time when Kubuntu switches from 
> KDE notifications to those Ayatana notifications. I realy hope that will never 
> happen.

My knowledge of the Kubuntu community makes me quite confident this 
won't happen.

> There might be good things about it and it would be great to bring 
> them into the normal KDE notifications but all together I don't want the 
> system.

That's all I want you to find. Experiment with it and extract anything 
which makes sense from it.

> I have spoken to many Ubuntu users and nobody has said a good word 
> about notifiy-osd, the most common saying was "broken by design".

As I said, the changes received varied feedback. I met Ubuntu users who 
really loved notify-osd, and others who don't.


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