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Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Sep 23 10:11:19 CEST 2009

On 9/23/09, alan moore <me at> wrote:
>>> Anyway, with your last sentence you was saying that I could have done a
>>> similar thing working directly on containments?
>> yes, and that's really probably the way to go about it. use cases would
>> probably help define what direction to actually take.
> I was actually a bit excited when I saw this applet myself, as I had
> looked into developing something along the same lines (but gave up
> because I didn't have the requisite coding knowledge).
> Basically, my use case is simple: using the KDE panel as a sidebar.  The
> reason being that screens are getting wider and smaller for many users
> (think notebooks, netbooks, UMPCs), vertical space becomes more
> valuable, so it makes sense to put stuff like the panel (that mostly
> just sits there offering some controls) off to the side rather than the
> traditional top/bottom arrangement.
> When I tried this with my panel as-is, the results were problematic.
> Many plasmoids (such as the battery monitor) insist on being square, and
> in a 200 to 300 px wide sidebar they take up a huge amount of space.
> Some just kind of fall apart.  The tray became a huge squarish thing
> that took up 1/4 of the height.

this means those plasmoids have  to be fixed. in particular the
battery applet should have a constrainedsquare aspect ratio andstill
draw the svg as square when the applet is rectangular

> My thinking for the solution was to create a sub-containment that would
> allow plasmoids to be arranged in horizontal rows on a vertical sidebar.

best bapproach would be write a panel containment that allows more
complex layouts, like vertval layout of horizontals or more simply a
grid layout
>   I don't know if the plasmoid in question can do that, or if the panel
> can be modified to do that, but it seems a reasonable way to approach
> the problem.
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