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Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Sep 21 23:58:59 CEST 2009

On Monday 21 September 2009, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On September 21, 2009, Marco Martin wrote:
> > > >   - i would swap current window control and the search field
> > >
> > > swap position you mean? if so, why?
> >
> > just to have the close window button in the same position in upper right
> > corner as normal windows,
> ah, yes, that's important.
> > but i don't tink is a really important thing, and
> > since the present windows is triggered at the upper left corner it could
> >  make sense to leave the button that triggers the same effect near to it
> those two things (close window and show windows) could be separate?

i think a single applet is the best way, it makes a single "tiny titlebar" 
maybe keeping the trigger corner for the effect at left and the applet at 
right won't be terrible...

> a "tabbed browser" approach might also work where each running app appears
> as a tab entry at the top next to newspaper and search; but then we run
> into the usual task bar space issues. hm.. no, pretend i never said that ;)
> > > >   - connected to the ability to have multiple "pages" (just tought
> > > > about it now) a button after activitybar that creates a new newspaper
> > > > activity
> > >
> > > this could also be in the newspaper page itself to save space in the
> > > activitybar?
> >
> > in the toolbox maybe?
> makes sense. were also going to want to do a custom toolbox eventually i
> think. the current one is functional but doesn't really work with the
> layout.

yeah, i think it would make sense a button that opens in a tiny horizontal 
strip always in the opposite position from the panel.
kinda low urgency, i think will be in 4.4 if there will be time, but if it's 
going to be 4.5 not huge deal

> > > i don't think a separate applet for this is needed at all now, tbh. and
> > > if it's always in the panel, then we don't need the separate icon in
> > > the panel either. just focus the line edit when switching to it.
> >
> > so leave just the search field in the middle of the sal? (and focus it as
> >  soon as the sal containment is activated)
> i think so. that's easy and clean.
> > > * widgets shouldn't move around whether the handle is visible or not
> >
> > shouldn't be possible to move the widgets with the handles? hmm
> ah, yes. what i meant is that the handles should make the widgets "jiggle
> around" Inside the layout (like the notifications icon in the systray used
> to do to the panel)

Marco Martin

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