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Mon Sep 21 06:45:04 CEST 2009

On September 20, 2009, Giulio Camuffo wrote:
> I don't plan to implement e.g. the new
> feature that loads the applet depending on the mimetype dropped.

this kind of inconsistency is exactly what keeps this kind of approach out of 
the main modules. why should the user be allowed to only do certain things in 
certain places due to implementation decisions? nah.. :)

the user should be able to trust "the rules" and not have to do special things 
for special circumstances.

(the fact that you have to, in practice anyways, open the panel toolbox to 
configure the tasks widget still bugs me :P)

> I developed this also because I thought to do a plasmoid that was actually
>  a set of plasmoids inserted in this applet.

what kind of plasmoid, exactly? (we may have other ideas on how to achieve 
> I don't understand however why the systemtray isn't problematic while this
> one it is.

the system tray is problematic. it works around a number of little things 
(though we did make some changes internal to libplasma to ease that as well), 
but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

the system monitor, however, has all the negatives and no real benefits. 

so it's a case by case basis, and generally discouraged because the chance for 
regressions are high when changes get made (esp new features) in libplasma.

> I already published it on kde-look, and I'd say people like it, since it is
> already 80% good with only 73 downloads, but I thought it would be more
> discoverable to the people if it was inside KDE, since, from what I read,
> some people need it.

honestly, people rarely know what they really need or even really want. 
imagine if we removed folderview tomorrow? and that was the most Evil Feature 
Ever(tm) a year ago.

design with purpose, not by the popular opinion and whims of those on kdelook 
or other online sites populated by self-selecting hard core users.

> Anyway, with your last sentence you was saying that I could have done a
> similar thing working directly on containments?

yes, and that's really probably the way to go about it. use cases would 
probably help define what direction to actually take.

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